Сад Учителя, сентябрь 2014  

We have created extensive gardens with beautiful flower arrangements, fragrant plants, fountains and streams and of course birds that sing constantly. I have earlier talked about the little blue bird of kindness but we have many different birds. We have a certain section of the garden where the main flower is the rose and where there are several birds that sing in a way that is designed to help students feel the vibrations of love.

Of course, the rose that you know on earth is the flower that has the fragrance that is closest to the vibration of love. When you smell a rose, you experience with your sense of smell the closest you can come with that sense to the vibration of love. There comes a point, where the student has been at my retreat for some time, when it is literally time to smell the roses. Thus, many students go into the garden, they find a spot that they like, and then they just sit there and absorb the fragrance and the sound of the birds.

Kim Michaels.The Creative Power Within.